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thebrookenook asked:

Hi, so I just wanted to ask why you dislike men so much? Because no matter how many times you say you don't, you keep twisting things to make it seem like a man could NEVER do anything good in your eyes. I really don't mean to serve any mans ego, but are they (and I'm generalizing because that's what you do too) not allowed to have opinions (of other people) at all? It seems like you'll dismiss them anyway because you're biased. And that's not a matter of being brainwashed but of decency.


Oh, dear, I do not hate men.  I hate douchebags.

I make jokes about men and misandry because it’s funny and it relieves a lot of the frustrations that I have with douchebags.  But the fact remains that they’re jokes in the vein of “heh heh, look at me, I’m such a man-hating feminist.”

Someone on Tumblr once said that even if there are women out there who do hate men, it doesn’t come close to the way men hate women.  All you have to do is look at the threats of rape, injury, murder, etc. that women get on the internet for merely suggesting that male realms like comic books and video games could be criticized for excluding women.  A boy thinks he’s entitled to have a girlfriend and get laid, even though he’s a terrible creepy person with no respect for women as human beings,and so he goes on a rampage and kills six innocent people.  There are deep, deep, scary undercurrents of society that quietly tell men that they’re more important than women, that they’re entitled to women’s bodies, and that women need to be shut down and subservient.  That’s the shit I hate.  And the sick part of it is, the fact that I hate living in fear of rape and harassment because it’s happened to too many of my friends and to women that I admire is mistaken as hatred towards men.  

And let’s say that I do hate men.  I hate them and i want to castrate every man I come across and then murder him and burn his corpse.  Still no female president.  Women still earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.  I’m still entering a massive, scary boy’s club when I start my career as a screenwriter.  Men still have it good, and little ol’ me sitting here stewing in my hatred towards them isn’t going to change that.  Men are the last thing in the world society needs to be worrying about.

I don’t hate men, misandry doesn’t exist, and male oppression is not a thing.  Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking it’s the other way around.



rebloging because this touched me… i have had thoughts very similar to those expressed here - “What if i walked onto the express way in heavy traffic?” “What if i jumped off that over pass?” and then some days, i would never imagine it… it is very encouraging to see someone with these same though pattern being able to overcome them. 

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